Harmony Park Safari Huntsville Activities and sightseeing

Harmony Park Safari, located near Huntsville, Alabama, is a drive-through animal park. It allows visitors to watch and engage with a wide range of exotic and domestic animals. The following are some tour activities available at Harmony Park Safari:

Drive-Through Safari: The drive-through safari experience is the major attraction at Harmony Park Safari. You can drive your own vehicle through the park and see zebras, camels, antelopes, kangaroos, emus, and other species in their natural habitats. For a safe and pleasurable experience, keep your windows closed and observe the park's instructions.

Animal Feedings: Visitors to Harmony Park Safari can purchase food buckets and hand-feed some of the animals from their car. This enables a more interactive and up-close interaction with the animals.

Harmony Park Safari offers a walking area where tourists can explore on foot in addition to the drive-through safari. Smaller exhibits with creatures such as monkeys, lemurs, goats, and reptiles may be seen in this region. Take your time browsing this section to discover more about these animals.

Harmony Park Safari occasionally gives educational presentations or performances where guests can learn intriguing facts about the park's animals. Live demonstrations, feeding sessions, or speeches by knowledgeable staff members may be included in these presentations. Check the park's calendar or ask when you arrive whether any educational sessions are scheduled during your visit.

Picnic Area: Harmony Park Safari has picnic places where you may relax and have a picnic lunch while taking in the scenery of the park. Pack some snacks and drinks to make the most of your visit.

Gift store: Browse the gift store for animal-themed goods, souvenirs, and toys. It's a terrific spot to buy souvenirs or gifts for animal lovers.

Photographic Opportunities: Bring your camera or smartphone to capture special moments at Harmony Park Safari. The drive-through safari and walking area provide several photo opportunities with the animals and natural scenery of the park.

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